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Arlene and Rick Arlene and Rick
Arlene and Rick

Final Details

Before we review final details please take a look at our two youngest bridal party members, Junior Bridesmaid Erin Murphy and her Groomsman escort Nick Kaell.

Our junior bridesmaid and her groomsman escort

Miss Erin Murphy & Mr. Nick Kaell

Wedding Day Ceremony Details

Because parking at Arlene’s home is very, very limited on Saturday, July 16th everyone is requested to drive to the RUTHERFORD RANCH on the SILVERADO TRAIL between 3:45 pm and 4:00 pm. Coaches will leave Rutherford Ranch beginning at that time and transport everyone to Arlene’s home on Mount Veeder. After the ceremony everyone will be transported back to RUTHERFORD RANCH to pick up their cars and drive the ¼ mile up to AuBerge du Soleil. This will allow everyone the flexibility to depart from the reception in their own car at the conclusion of the reception.

PLEASE arrive at the RUTHERFORD RANCH ON TIME. The coaches will be leaving between 4 PM and 4:15 PM and each coach will feature one of Rick’s GROOMSMEN, who will provide entertainment and funny stories about Rick Winge when he was in kindergarten at Pressing Elementary Grammar School in Chicago, Illinois. You will not want to miss this!!! REMEMBER; PLEASE be on time Saturday, July 16th at RUTHERFORD RANCH!!! We thank you for your promptness and cooperation.

Below are links to a calendar of events, maps and driving directions for you to review prior to coming to the wedding. Our out of town guests are staying at several different hotels within Napa and the included maps will help you see where you are staying in relation to the events surrounding and including our wedding. Please review them at your leisure. To start, just click the link containing the name of the hotel at which you are staying:

Embassy Suites Napa Valley
Napa Valley Marriott Hotel
Villagio Inn and Spa
Vintage Inn

Regarding hotel accommodations; if you have not made your reservation yet, please do so today. The hotels in Napa fill up fast during the summer and we don’t want you staying in Sacramento!

For those of you renting cars, we recommend that you rent a car with a GPS device. Hertz, for example, has something called NEVER LOST which only requires you to input a destination address and it shows you the most direct way to reach your destination. It cost about $9 a day but for those of you who have never been to Napa or have not been back to Napa in several years, renting a car with this device will significantly aid you and your family in traveling from the airport to your hotel and other places within the Napa Valley.

Some of our lady guests have inquired about hair salons and as such we have provided a brief list of them here.

There are dozens of wonderful wineries within the Napa Valley and many are along Highway 29 (the main thoroughfare in the Napa Valley) and also along the Silverado Trail on the east side of the valley. Hopefully, you can stop by one or more of them during your stay in Napa.

Several invited guests have asked us whether we are “registered” somewhere in order to help people select a wedding gift. Here are some words from Arlene and Rick regarding wedding gifts.

Arlene: “We are so happy that you are coming to our wedding that your presence alone is the nicest gift you can give Rick and me.”

Rick: “While I agree with my bride-to-be regarding the nicest gift being your presence, I know a few of you would like to do something a bit more LAVISH than merely attending the wedding. As such, may I provide those of you wishing to bring a gift with a recommendation? Arlene’s wine cellar at her home on Mount Veeder is completely empty! If you wish, we would love you to help us begin filling the cellar with wonderful Napa Valley wines. So while you are in Napa, find your favorite wine and share it with us so that we may remember you in the months and years ahead when we “open” your gift of wine to us. When checking Emily Post, Amy Vanderbilt and Miss Manners regarding wine as a gift, I was not able to find any specific recommendations regarding LAVISH. Fortunately, the Book of Hoyle provided corollary insight as to the degree of lavishness regarding gifts of wine. The table below illustrates this insight.”

One Bottle of Wine Somewhat LAVISH
Two Bottles of Wine Pretty LAVISH
Three Bottles of Wine Very LAVISH
Four Bottles of Wine Extraordinarily LAVISH
Six Bottles of Wine Unbelievably LAVISH
One Case of Wine LAAAAAAVVVVIIIIIIISSSHHH! (Mandatory for Groomsmen and very close friends of the Groom. Yes, that’s YOU)

More from Rick: “Seriously, we look forward to seeing you next month in Napa. I know we all will have a wonderful time and together we will make many great memories.”

Should you need specific details regarding the wedding events, please call our wedding planner, Cheryl Simons, at 415-519-2322